My name is Tom Vonk, 28 years of age and born and raised in Amsterdam. As a young kid playing on the streets I developed an interest in graffiti. In that time I was making pictures with my analogue camera of everything I came across, what had to do with street art.

My experience with handwriting and colour balance became useful when I went to the art academy. There I started to focus more on the boundaries between graphic- and spatial design.

During my study I did research about the use, lay-out and history of certain ‘maps’ (cartography). And find it fascinating how these maps contemplate different levels of information and are constructed to create an visual context, with the use of colors, lines and typography.

At the academy of art (ArtEZ) located in Zwolle. I started my study with two years of Interior Design. And eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.